Rainbow Mechanical Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is Manufacturering and Supplying Circlips, Dowel Pins, Belleville Spring Washers, Press Parts for Heavy and Automibiles Industries, Agri machines, Earth movers, Railways, Trailers, Bearings, Gear boxes, Motors, Textile machines, Heavy vehicles, Diesel sets etc.

Rainbow Mechanical Enginering Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer with the highest quality of Circlips mainly Internal Circlip, External Circlip, K type Circlip, Retaining Ring / E clip, C Type Circlip, U Type Circlip, Snap Ring etc.

Dowel Pins
We manufacture precise Dowel pins, Spring Dowel Sleeves, Spiral Dowel Pin, Parallel Dowel Pin, Taper Dowel Pin Products, which have various applications in the form of pins, dowels, shafts, rotor shafts, axles etc.

We carry a variety of washers such as Disc Washer / Belleville Washer , Fan Disc Lock Washer, Star Washer, Wave Washer.

Other Pressed Parts
Our precision components has been supplying various industry. we are specialised in snap rings, u type rings, star washer, bearing washer, serrated washer, plain washer, safety washer, narling washer, external fab star washer. More >>